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Sports Vision Training

Research shows that a large majority of what we learn involves the visual system. A sports vision training client uses the Acuvision 1000 Board in our Trumbull office.This system becomes even more important in the athletic arena, since the eyes direct the dynamic movement of the body in all sports. Although vision therapy has been around for almost a century, athletes and coaches have only recently realized and understood the benefits of vision training to improve performance.

Sports vision training works to improve the visual abilities of an athlete that are most necessary for excellence in their sport. These abilities include eye-hand coordination, dynamic visual acuity, tracking,
focusing, visual reaction time, and peripheral vision.Especially in visually intensive sports like basketball, baseball, football, tennis, golf and hockey, a refined visual system will give athletes an unmatched competitive edge. All training activities are done on a sport-specific basis with a custom program for every athlete in any sport.

As highlighted in a recent New York Times article, professional sports organizations including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinatti Reds, Brooklyn Nets, and Indiana Pacers are including vision training as part of their practice regimens, along with many individual players. Using the same techniques and principles that the professionals use, the team at EyeCare Associates is experienced in sports vision training.

Athletes Who Have Benefited from Sports Vision Training:

NBA MVP Steph Curry & NBA Forward Kawhi Leonard

NFL Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald

MLB Washington Nationals

NHL Defenseman Brian Pothier & NHL Forward Christopher Higgins

Olympian William Fox-Pitt

NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

If you are having trouble getting to the next level in your particular sport even after stepping up your practice, you might have a visual problem limiting your success. Whether it’s reaction time, eye teaming, or predicting the path of a ball, we can help you enhance your athletic performance in any sport at any level. Call us today to schedule a screening with one of our trained vision therapists!